Steps to place your submission in EasyChair


If you have placed your submission yet, we invite you to follow the steps below to register your submission.

  1. Login into the EasyChair system

  2. Click on “author” role under CLIHC 2021

  3. the top left of the next page, click on the first menu item “New Submission”, as it is shown in Figure 1

    Figure 1. Screen capture of the menu items of the CLIHC’s page on EasyChair.

  4. In the “New Submission for CLIHC 2021” page, you need to completely fill the form’s fields:

    • Author information. There are three forms for Author 1, Author 2 and Author 3, but if you need to add more authors you can do so by clicking the link “Click here to add more authors”
    • Title and Abstract. These are fields in the form where you should copy and paste the title in one field and abstract in the other. The abstract should not exceed 150 words
    • Keywords. In this field you need to type (or copy and paste from your paper) a list of keywords, one keyword per line. “You should specify at least three keywords”
    • Topics. In this part of the form, we list several topics of interest, and you should select those that are related to your paper. Topics are typically used for assigning submissions to reviewers and for conference analytics. You must select between 1 and 3 topics
    • Other Information and Files. You can mark the language in which your paper is written. This information will help us to identify the expert reviewers who work with these topics
    • Paper. Is the field where you can upload your paper file in PDF. Until June 30, 2021, this is an optional field. This file must be uploaded by July 7th.
    • Submit button. You need to click on this button in order to place your submission.

In case you need to update any information about your submitted abstract/ paper, you can access the top right one or more links available: “Update information”, “Update authors”, “Add file” or “Withdraw”, as it is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Information update of the submitted paper.

Please, let us know if you still have any doubts by sending us an email to clihc2021@gmail.com